Monday, 29 July 2013

IDEA: Secret Santa Meet Up

Hey Lovelies,

Sorry no beauty post for today as I haven't had time to write one up, I just have returned from the big city (London), where I spent the weekend at the #julylondonmeetup. Today I'm achey, tired and in my comfies but I thought I'd put this post up.


I put this idea to twitter last night but I thought I'd bring it to you guys as a way of keeping track of whose interested as well as letting anyone know if they don't follow me on twitter (@abotat90) etc.

So my idea is to have a secret Santa meet up.. Santa I hear you say that's December and we are in July. Well yes but still. So my idea was to organise a meet up with a slight difference. Instead of goody bags, each person has a person who they have to buy a secret Santa present for.

This idea came to me at 1am on Saturday night/Sunday morning when I couldn't sleep in London, so I tested it out on twitter and people didn't think I was crazy (which is a good start).

So I guess I'm asking you two questions...

  1. Would this be of interest to anyone? Would you like to meet up with like-minded people, give them a present, make their day? See their face as they open their present?
  2. Where would you like this held? Would you prefer a London Meet Up or a Midlands one? Which would be easier to get to for people.
Leave me a comment with your answers. I hope people like this idea.

Till Next Time,

NEWS UPDATE.... I am going to be working alongside Emma from Meet the Millards. We are thinking of the date 24th November in London. Does this sound good?

P.S normal posts will return Wednesday.


  1. I think this is a great idea Clare, I'd love to take part. London for me! :) xx

  2. That's a lovely idea! I'm not likely to be able to go but If I could then midlands would be easier :)

  3. How weird, I had the same idea the other night too I was thinking of Bournemouth though. But either of your suggested places works for me just let me know :) or maybe we could do two? xxx

  4. If you did a London one, i am there! what a brilliant way to make someones christmas that little bit special! :) xx

  5. I would love love love to! I want to meet more bloggers!! London would defs be easiest for me, don't thinkm i'd be able to get to midlands :S xx

  6. love this idea clare! Im game, where ever it is..when are you thinking of having it? I think London might be better if its going to be near christmas as i know theres another meet up at the end of november in Derby :)

  7. Either place would work for me :-) As I said on Twitter sounds a great idea x

  8. This sounds like a great idea! I reckon for me London is best :)xx

  9. This is a lovely idea and a great way to meet other bloggers!! London or midlands is good for me. Look forward to attending x x

  10. This is a lovely idea! It would be great if the meetup was in the Midlands, maybe the West Midlands :)

    Millie x

  11. This is a fantastic idea, which I'd love to take part in. Either place would work for me, so long as we could have plenty of notice so that I can book cheap train/coach tickets xx

  12. This is a great idea! I'd love to be involved if it does go ahead. London would be best for me.

    C x |

  13. Fab idea, am up for this and London is best for me xx


  14. In a word - YES! amazing idea :) and London is good for me xx

  15. This sounds like a nice idea! I'd prefer the midlands, but I could do either :)

  16. love this idea as long as I can come back form uni in Bournemouth :) I don't know what the Midlands is eeeekkkk embarrassing if that is Bournemouth, otherwise London is great

  17. Yes, fabulous idea let me know the detail and London would be better


  18. I would love too! I am new to blogging so would love to meet like-minded people and have a chat! :-)- I would choose London.


  19. This sounds like an awesome idea, I'd love to be a part of it! I started my blog for that very reason, to meet new people so this is the perfect opportunity! Following you on twitter and on here! xx


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