Friday, 26 July 2013

FASHION & LIFE: #VintSetFest

Hey lovelies,

So on Wednesday I went to an event in Birmingham, which some of you might have heard a little about on twitter or instagram. Be warned this post is picture heavy.

#VintSetFest was located in the Custard Factory in Birmingham. Although I'm a midland's blogger I had never been to the venue before so it was entertaining for the group of ladies that I walked with to try and find the place ( we only had to ask two people on our way).

We arrived a little early so I was able to take my pictures before it got busy.

There were stalls to browse and things to buy including Vintage Set clothes and Macadamia Oil products which were all very inviting and a lot of the bloggers that attended indulged a little bit. I however only had my train fare money with me and took nothing else.It stopped me from buying anything but I have to keep thinking that I will be spending money in London this weekend.

The event itself was a mix of shopping, a blogger style challenge which included entries from Danielle from Floral Danielle and Megan from Wonderful You amongst a few others and there was also a question and answer session.

After all the activities of the evening, we were all sent home with a little goody bag and a smile on our faces. Sadly I didn't get to chat with as many bloggers that I would like to but it is always tricky to do so at the big events.

Thank you to The Vintage Set, Tiger Bam and everyone else for inviting me and putting on such a lovely event. 

Till Next Time,

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  1. Looks like it was a lovely event!
    Great goody bag too :)

    1. It was a completely different event to any I'd been to before xx

  2. Ah it was great fun to see some lovely blogger faces. Sorry I didn't get chance to chat to you x

    1. Thats ok, its always difficult to chat to people at those kinds of events xx

  3. Ahh third picture and im smack bang in the middle (cream dress) Sorry i never said hi etc i get really nervous and anxty! also think i saw you in the bull ring earlier in the day i was going up you going down haha. looks like everyone had a good time. maybe next time ill pluck up the courage and say hello x

    1. Aww next time come and say hello :)xx

  4. I was so sad I couldn't make this, as it sounded great, and now it looks good too! Glad you had fun. xx
    Heroine In Heels

    1. It was good :) next time you'll have to come xx


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