Friday, 12 July 2013

EVENT: Lush Birmingham Blogger Event

Hey Lovelies,

So a couple of weeks ago, I popped into Birmingham to meet up with an old university friend for some food and a natter. When we had finished, I remembered that there was a Lush event happening so I thought I'd try to sneak in as my friend was meeting up with other people.

I wandered over to Lush store, whilst on the phone to Amy who asked Gemma (who works at lush) if I could join in the festivities and luckily she said yes. Small Disclaimer for you all I didn't have my camera with me so the photographs were taken on the iPhone (hope you don't mind).

As soon as we walked through the door, we were greeted with a table full of yummy food courtesy of Warehouse Cafe, a Birmingham local vegan restaurant. Here's just a snapshot of the deliciousness. My favourite was a vegan style cheese on toast, which I think me and the lovely Sara from Pretty in Pink pretty much ate all of. Seriously if you are around Birmingham I suggest you check out the Warehouse Cafe, their twitter is  .

Once we had had a snack, we all sat around the facemask table as a group and we're told about what we going to be doing for the evening and we had a little introduction activity, where we had to  show one thing that symbolised us and our likes...obviously I picked a lipstick.

For the event, we were told we were going to look at Lush's Skincare range. Unlike most people I know, I tried the skincare at Lush before I tried anything else... I have been using Tea Tree Water for a few years now as my toner and I have been a fan of Angels on Bare Skin for a while too, so I was excited to learn about new products.

We were able to try products, either Ultrabland or 9 to 5 cleanser, any of their toners and a selection of their moisturisers and some of us even left the shop without make up on (I went home on the train sans make up...felt strange). We were also shown how they make a face mask, which we were able to take home to sample (but more about that in a minute)

Charlotte cleansing Sara's face
Jen mixing up the blueberries for the facemask
Jen and John action shot

I really enjoyed myself at the event and I hope they organise another one one day. We all left feeling more knowledgeable about Lush's skincare and we even had a sample of our favourite products of the night to try out at home.

I'm excited to play around with these products and tell you all about them. Thank you to Birmingham Lush for inviting me to the event.

Till Next Time,



  1. I bought Angels on bare skin and really liked it!
    Looks like you had a great time.

  2. I am well jealous, I want to go to a Lush event, they always look and sound like os much fun xx


  3. I just tried the BB Seaweed, and it feels so good. This event looks great, I bet it was nice to try products you might not have thought of before. Great post lovely. x
    Heroine In Heels

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