Saturday, 22 June 2013

Which Film Character do you think you are?

Hey Lovelies,

Today you are brought into the crazy world of my brain. The other week, I was considering what film character I am. Why you ask? I have no idea but for the purpose of this post lets roll with it.

After much deliberation in my brain the decision of two characters was made... I am Miss Congeniality, Gracie Hart and Bridget Jones.


Why you ask?

Well first of all, until about two years ago I was about the same as the character at the beginning of the film. A tomboy, living rather a reclusive life, enjoying ready meals alone with not a care for my appearance. Now I am the second picture, prepped and primed every morning and night to an inch of my life. I care more about the way I look (which could be seen as a good or a bad thing) and all in all I think I have changed in some ways for the better.

I can think of two other ways I am similar to Gracie Hart. Firstly is that I am friendly and kind to most people and I hope I'm liking by most who have met me too. The other way is that I laugh at my own jokes, like she does and also I am a bit of a clutz like she is.

I am alike to Bridget Jones in a few ways:

  • I write often... she writes her diary, I write this blog... slightly different but its still recording my life through my life so shush.
  • She was single for most of her life before Darcy, I have probably been single for most of mine.
  • We're a both a bit of the cuddly side, I too have wobbly bits which I wouldn't want to show to a partner.
  • I like to overthink things as does she at times.
This list could go one for a while, lets stop there.
What film character are you most like?

Till Next Time,


  1. Very cute! I'll have to think about who I'm like... Haha. I found you through the BBU Blog Hop and decided to follow. Great blog! Check mine out?


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