Saturday, 1 June 2013

Thanks to Blogging....

Hey Lovelies,

Today I thought I would tell you about things that have happened to me thanks to blogging (thus the name of the post).


1. Up first at number one, I am thankful to blogging for introducing me to new things. Before blogging I stuck to one foundation (which was in fact too dark for me), one concealer and I only took make up off with cleansing wipes and then I'd go to bed ( I know its naughty now). Thanks to blogging, I have a rather large make up collection full of things I love to use and I'm even getting into a good skincare routine (day and night). For that I'm thankful and I bet my skin is too.

2. The second thing I have to thankful to blogging for is the amazing opportunities I have had. By this, I mean going to things such as the Lancome nights I've been to and the opportunities to trial beauty items and own new clothing items.. I didn't start blogging to get free stuff, I started blogging to be able to talk to like-minded people about things I'm passionate about (beauty,make up and all that jazz), but for your blog to be considered good enough by companies to be able to share their products and knowledge makes me feel truly blessed and humbled.

3. The largest thing I am thankful for is the community behind blogging. Through blogging I have gained so many new friends.. both those I have been lucky enough to meet and those I am yet to meet...

me and zoe

These pictures show a small collection of the lovely ladies I've had the pleasure to meet through blogging. I speak to Natalie,Zoe, Gemma and Helen on a daily basis (which is probably more often than some of my other friends from outside of blogging). Me and Zoe even went to the Big Reunion Concert together and had an amazing night.

Laura and Louise are amongst the lovelies I still need to meet but for now we have our whatsapp chat, where we can have a natter about anything and everything (Laura is even going help me with the Bristol Meet Up..thats friendship).

Overall... I've got so much to be thankful to blogging for in the 11 months I have been doing it, who knows what will happen next... I have no idea but I'm excited to find out.

Till Next Time,


  1. Aw cute post Clare :) Can't wait to meet you eventually! xx

    1. Bring on the Bristol Meet Up I say xx

  2. Such a lovely post, love posts like this. You're such a lovely person x

  3. Loved reading this! :)So sweet!

  4. :D
    so glad i met you you are a fabulous friend!
    yay! such fun! :)

  5. This is such a beautiful post! I have met some truly amazing people while blogging

    1. Its great what writing a blog can do :) xx


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