Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Summer Tag || Video

Hey Lovelies,

Just to let you all know my second YouTube video is now live. I am so happy about how the first one went, thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog and video. I had this one ready to edit so I thought I'd pop it up today.

I hope you enjoyed my first video, any suggestions for future videos are welcome. This video is the  summer tag which I first saw on Georgina's YouTube Channel.

The questions were:

1. What's your top nail polish for Summer?
2. Favourite item of clothing for Summer?
3. Top eye shadow?
4. Best lipstick for Summer?
5. Favourite item of jewellery?
6. Favourite foundation for Summer?
7. What's your favourite scent/perfume?
8. Best book for Summer?
9. Favourite food for Summer?
10. Favourite blusher for Summer?

Try it for yourself if you would like to.

Till Next Time,


  1. Love your choice of nail polish :) Great vid xx


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