Monday, 24 June 2013

Spending Ban Update #4

Hey Lovelies,

So since the last update. I have had another hiccup.Blame blogsales. I shall show you a picture at the end of the post of everything I've got via blogsales recently but I shall quickly talk about the rest of my progress.

I recently had to make a trip into boots, where I swatched a million and one things but didn't buy anything (progress I think).

I have also started a list of what I want to look at/purchase at the London Meet Up in July, which includes an origins product, the Revlon BB cream, a YSL lipstick (which I'm planning to get with my boots points as I have enough). It is my plan to add to this list up until the event so if I look at it when I feel like spending it will remind me to not spend otherwise I won't get to buy what I really want.

Not much of an update this time I know but I feel bad because of these blogsale purchases....

Ooops, to be clear I didn't get the quad palette just Humid and Plum Dressing but still... oops.

 To top it off... I had my arm twisted by Miss Gemma Button at the Lancome event into getting a couple of reduced Lancome eyeshadows so that I could get a goody bag full of lovely samples (also pictured). 

Time to get back on track I think.

Till Next Time,



  1. Ooo nice eyeshadows! I need another trip to Lancome i havent had anything from there in ages!



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