Monday, 10 June 2013

Spending Ban Update #3

Hey Lovelies,

So since the last update, there has been a little spending, most of it was for my dad's birthday but there was a little spent on myself... the debenhams 10% off beauty being part of it ( I don't have any restraint sometimes).

I thought I'd leave the haul of the stuff I shouldn't have bought for another post, so thats something to look forward to.

Apart from that little hiccup, I think I've been doing well. I recently have been spending what time I'm not at work/in school on my laptop on the internet answering emails, writing blog posts. The downside to this is that I can get distracted and end up looking on store websites creating shopping baskets full of goodies I want to buy. For example I currently have one on the  MAC and New Look websites to mention a few places.

I've also created this want list on my phone full of all the MAC I want... its not obsessive at all is it?

This week also saw me filling up my MAC 15 Palette. I've decided once my "ban" is over I will treat myself to another 15 palette and buy a pan every month as a treat if work has been going well. This will stop me from going wild and buying them in bulk.

So there is my most recent update on my spending ban (or for this week... lack of spending ban, I blame shopping alone), I'm hoping to stay on track now until then end. No spending here (fingers crossed). 

Who else is on a spending ban?

Till Next Time,


  1. You're doing better than me lovely! I have no constraint and it's worse now I have housey stuff to buy (not that it's stopped me buying stuff for Little Miss or make up for myself haha)

    Keep going!

    Amy x

    1. my constraint it not good recently haha xx


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