Wednesday, 5 June 2013

REVIEW: Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Make Up Remover

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Today's post is about a godsend for any body who is a wearer of Benefit They're Real Mascara like me. It is an eye make up remover I recently picked up from the Lancome stand at Selfridges in Birmingham.

I know I'm a bad blogger, I didn't photograph it before using it (slap my hand, send me to my room without chocolate) but there is still product in there so you can see. 

Lancome's Bi-facil is a bi-phase formula, which means you need to shake the bottle gently to mix the two together so that the mixture turns a milky blue colour (like below).

Then all you need to do is simply put a little of the product on a cotton wool pad (or two... I do both eyes at the same time), hold the cotton wool pad on the eye for ten seconds then gently wipe away and viola all make up has gone from the eye area.

This remover removes everything I have thrown at it so far... 24hr colour tattoos, paint pots and most importantly Benefit They're Real and anyone who has tried They're Real knows how difficult it is to get rid of without scrubbing your eyes out.

The other great thing about this eye make remover is that it was designed for sensitive eyes so no sign of pain when taking of the make up of the day, something that I had with my last eye make up remover (and boy was there pain).

The only downside (well not downside... more thing to note) is that it does leave a slight residue on the eye but as I cleanse and tone afterwards this residue does not bother me in the slightest.

Overall, I'm in love and I can't see myself veering away from this product. It is a bit on the pricey side at £21 however you are paying for something that works wonders and for that I don't mind the price tag.

Have you tried this product?

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  2. This sounds great, expensive but worth the price if it means not have to scrub at your face so much to get makeup off! x

  3. Sounds like the No7 eye makeup remover I have! Its also blue and works like a charm too! :D xx

    1. I might have to look into that xx

  4. I got a mini one in a set at Christmas, I really love it! But I still prefer wipes, so I also don't think I'd spend £21 on it!


    1. I don't like to use feels like I'm just moving the make up around my face instead taking it off xx

  5. I find that this remover worked really well but stung my eyes! I use the chamomile one from The Body Shop now.


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