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Lifestyle: Barmouth 5/06/13

Hey Lovelies,

Last Wednesday, both me and my parents were not working so we decided to take a trip to the seaside with our dog, Snowy. We went to a seaside town that I have been visiting for as long as I can remember called Barmouth, which is mid-Wales about 2 and a half hours away from where I live. 

Like with my trip to Chester I took some pictures which I thought I'd share with you all..

my parents on the beach

Snowy didn't want to pose

Barmouth isn't a crazy tourist seaside place, they have one amusement park next to the beach, one high street, which has a few shops, a few eating places, no chain stores. The main draw of the town is the beach and the views.

We had a lovely day walking on the sand,eating ice cream and just enjoying the sunshine. It was a lovely day all round.

Have you ever visited Barmouth?

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  1. We visited Barmouth when we went to Wales last year, the beach is lush and looks so pretty when it's sunny and the drive there is gorgeous but the town bit where the shops are is quite grotty which is such a shame and really lets it down.

    1. There are parts that are a bit bargain shops but I still like it there xx

  2. Never been to Barmouth, but I love being by the seaside. Ive come to visit and follow as I am coming to the #julylondonmeetup xx

    1. I love Barmouth. It holds a lot of memories for me xx

  3. Ooh I adore Barmouth, my aunt lived in Fairbourne just over the estuary and we used to vist every summer when I was a child. Such good memories!! These pics just made me smile. Love your blog hun xxx


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