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GUEST POST: The Hair Care Trio by Angelica from One Little Vice

Hello! I'm Angelica and I write a beauty blog called One Little Vice and Clare has been kind enough to let me write a guest post for you today on the trio of hair care products that my once overly complicated routine has been reduced to. These three products all come with my highest recommendations!

Shampoo and conditioner are unequivocally some of the 'basics' of the beauty world but the difference between getting them right and getting them wrong can sometimes be a fine line. For years I didn't pay much attention to my hair, I absent-mindedly repurchased any shampoo whose bright packaging or reassuring claims fitted my needs at the time (Herbal Essences I'm looking at you). Years on and I've come to realise, that like many of you out there probably have too, hair really needs the same care and attention that we give to our skincare and beauty choices. Normally I would tell you that my hair is healthy but fine, with plenty of it, with my roots tending towards the greasy and my ends towards the dry. However, with me experiencing quite extreme levels of stress recently my hair has been transformed into a much more delicate medium. It's weaker and dryer and has been in need of some serious TLC. I swapped out my Herbal Essences for a more natural oriented shampoo from the Naked range (available in larger Boots stores) which is sulphate, paraben and petrochemical free and (which is something which I personally look for when I can) is not tested on animals. I chose the shampoo for weak, brittle and mature hair which sounded a little off-putting but it was exactly what I needed, but rest assured that there is a whole range of shampoos with different hair types in mind- perfect! It took about a week (four shampoos) for my hair to fully adjust to this SLS free shampoo but now I notice how much healthier it's become. Naked is a brand which isn't raved about very much but it is honestly such a lovely brand and this shampoo has been a godsend.

I follow-up my shampooing with the absolutely gorgeous Banana Conditioner from The Body Shop. This is another product that's more on the natural side and isn't tested on animals. The scent is deliciously fruity and truly smells like freshly mashed bananas which makes showers even more of a treat. Thankfully the scent doesn't really linger in the hair as I think this, especially in hot weather, might become a bit sickly but whilst you're using it the scent is really wonderful. The effects of it on the hair are even better! It leaves hair soft and shiny and doesn't weigh hair down at all, all in all for the price of £4.50 this is a pretty fantastic addition to your routine. On it's own it is definitely enough to condition and moisturise most hair types, however, once I've towel dried my hair I do like to follow it up by applying a pea-size amount of Moroccan Oil to the lengths and ends of my hair. I find that this addition helps to strengthen my hair and leaves it blissfully soft (really like no other product ever has) and lovely and shiny. A lot of people claim that Moroccan Oil helps aid hair growth, although I haven't ever looked out for it as primarily I am aiming just to keep the condition of my hair tip-top at the length it is. It's a preservation mission people! This small bottle costs circa £12, which might seem a bit of a barmy price for so little product, but I've been using this bottle for months now and you can see how little product I've gone through. But, more importantly, this stuff is worth it.

So that's the hair care trio that keeps my hair looking and feeling it's best, I'd definitely recommend all three of these products. I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks again for Clare for letting me write a guest post for her!

Thank you Angelica for the guest post, if you have enjoyed reading this post, Check out her blog at

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  1. That's seems a great a products for hair. I've been using for hair care products such as Reloxe in order to keep my hair longer.


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