Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Fashion: My New Best Friend

Hey Lovelies,

So just before my spending ban begin I won something from ebay... as you may have seen in previous hauls, I like to spend time on ebay bidding over two things, cameras and handbags.

The two cameras that I use for this blog were bought through winning them on ebay (strangely both from fellow bloggers) but that isn't my new friend. It is a bag, and not just any bag.

Say hello to my Zara Office City Bag. I had never visited a Zara before buying it to have a look (although I doubt they'd have on in the Birmingham one.. there were next to no bags in that one last week) but as soon as I opened the box it had arrived in, I knew it was love. 

So far, I have used this bag for work and during a shopping trip and it worked as well for both jobs.   So it really is a bag for work and play. It has a two short handles and detachable long strap which I have used when I've got a lot of stuff in it and it gets heavy. Its a rather large bag too so when I say a lot of stuff, I mean it. I even shoved my jumper in the bag when I got too warm when I was shopping.

 The bag is split into three zipped up compartments and two compartments that are kept closed with poppers. I tend to use the outside zip up areas for my bits and pieces and then leave the middle pocket empty. The thing that I think people (and especially bloggers) love about this bag is that the middle zip up pocket is padded on both sides.. this means you can safely carry your laptop around with you ( I wouldn't just because my laptop is about 5 years old and is rather heavy. There is also another padded pocket, which I would say is large enough to hold an iPad mini, kindle or something else of about that size. 

I am well and truly in love with this bag, it is a bit pricey at £49.99 (if you get it from Zara directly) but you can sometimes find them on ebay like me. I won it for £30, which I was quite happy about. 

I think it may have sparked an expensive new obsession with this bag. I'd love to explore the world of Zara bags a little more. The lusted over orange mini shopper I shared with you will forever be lusted over and never owned as it is now sold out and according to Zara in an email they sent to me, will not be re-releasing. 

Do you own the city office bag?

Till Next Time,



  1. Gosh this bag is gorgeous! I've wanted it for so long but the price tag has always been my obstacle. May have to check out ebay! Thank you for this post :D

    1. I always check out ebay when I want something :) xx

  2. I have this bag and I'm in love with it!:D xx

  3. Such a great bargain!
    I would love one too!
    *ebay stakeout*

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  4. I think you've convinced me that I need this bag in my life! xxx

  5. LOVE


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