Friday, 28 June 2013

Fashion Friday: Concert OOTD

Hey Lovelies,

Its friday, which means I'm showing you an outfit of the day post. This one I have to say is not me at my most fashionable but still it was an outfit that did the job. 

So this week started off with a trip to Birmingham with the parents to see Kerry Ellis and Brian May at the Birmingham Town Hall. For those who Kerry Ellis is, she is most famous for being in the musical Wicked but she has been in other musicals and even had a small part in the film version of Les Miserables (she was in thenardier's pub, I'm such a musical geek). I have seen her perform live once before with Brian May (who I'm hoping I don't have to explain who he is...) but this time it was in a more intimate venue and it was just Kerry, Brian and a keyboardist and it was amazing to see (I had to claw back tears about 8 times during the whole thing).

Anyway onto the outfit. I went comfortable. I paired a pink vest top with a cover up/jacket/whatever you want to call it on top. I wore them with a pair of black jeans and some ballet pump shoes. I then put my hair into a low ponytail and patched up my make up that I had worn for the day and added eyeliner. Here is what it looked like.

The lipstick choice was the idea of Laura from Laurzah. It is MAC Plumful. Great choice I think.
So what do you think of this look? 

Till Next Time,



  1. Love your outfit, especially the bright pink. I wish I had more pink colours in my wardrobe but mostly its blacks, greens and browns- I look a bit like a forest! Haha.

    1. I used to be all about black I am now embracing colour xx

  2. I liked the look super gorgeous


  3. I like you pink vest & the lipstick colour is really nice,,,,overall you're so pretty <3


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