Friday, 21 June 2013

Bill Bailey OOTD

Hey Lovelies,

Last Friday (14th June) was my daddy's birthday and as part of the celebrations, we had decided to go see Bill Bailey at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall.

my view of the stage

He was brilliant and I might be getting the chance to see him again as a friend wants to see him when he returns to the Midlands, but onto the outfit.

This outfit highlights my loves at the moment, colour and aztec prints. This was also my first introduction to tube skirts, a trend that I had always steered clear of because of my shape and size. But recently my mind set has been "oh what the heck you live once" attitude. So here is what I wore.

I am truely loving the aztec print. This outfit consists of a peplum top from New Look, a skirt from New Look (Inspire comes in a set of two with a plain black one), a pair of plain black tights and black ballet pumps. I decided to put a long cardigan over the top but I ended up taking this off as soon as I got into the Civic Hall.

So what do you think of this outfit?

Till Next Time,



  1. I went to this tour last month and loved it. I didn't think I'd really be into Bill Bailey's live shows, but it was fantastic! xx

  2. Oh I just love this outfit so much. You look lovely! I love the skirt so much. I do like a bit of Bill too! :) xx


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