Saturday, 1 June 2013

Are you a fan of my blog?

Hello Lovelies,

So today is the 1st of June... Pinch Punch First of the month, White Rabbit and all that jazz. So I bet you are pondering why I am writing this post and why I called it what I have done. Well dear lovely readers... Read on
On July 1st, the beloved GFC or Google Friend Connect is supposed to be leaving our sidebars and moving up west to the blogger farm in the sky. This means that all of you lovely lot (all of the 800 of you) that follow me via that platform may not see when I put up my ramblings and all the alike. 

So this post is just a reminder of the other platforms to follow me of which there aren't as many as my last post since Hello Cotton went bye byes too (sad to see things leave).

Ways to follow:

  • Bloglovin... I am beginning to enjoy using Bloglovin more and more (now I know kinda how to work it). My blog has a bloglovin page and I think that this is probably the easiest way to continue reading my posts. The page is and you simply click follow and you are done. 450 odd of you follow me this way, what about the others, do you want to join the bloglovin party.
  • Google+.... I'm not going to lie to you.. I don't know how this works but I do know you can add me/my blog to your circle (I think this is a good thing, someone please tell me if its not).
  • She said beauty... I don't have a great knowledge on this either but I do know that if you go on my profile you can see my posts, so maybe that might be useful?
  • Twitter... if you don't want to be tied down to any of those options and you just want to know whats going on in my life and when there is a post which might interest you (which I hope is most of them), then you can follow me on twitter @abotat90.

I think that is all of them.. I shall bring you an actual post later on I just wanted say this.

Till Next Time,


  1. I always read your blog hon, added you on Google+ a few days ago. So annoying they are getting rid of GFC! XX

  2. GFC is not going, its google reader that their getting rid off :/ most people dont use it anyway lol i follow you on Bloglov too :)

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