Monday, 6 May 2013

The Yay I've finished my course and Beauty Chamber haul

Hey lovelies,

If you read yesterday's Sunday Round up post, you will have found out that I did do a little bit of spending in my first week of my spending ban.. However the money I was using was a gift of my parents for finishing my teaching assistant course, so I'm going to let it slide just this once. I promise its my only spending (hopefully) during the ban.

So here is what I got....

First up, something that was ordered before my spending ban. It was a Sigma Blending Brush (E25) from the Beauty Chamber. It has been said to be a dupe of the MAC 217 brush. I'm super excited to try it out and report back to you all.

So  I made a trip to Superdrug and to Selfridges/MAC. I think I'll start with Superdrug. I popped in because I am currently in the process of a beauty swap with another lovely blogger. Our budget is £10 so I thought I'd pop in and get some good things in there. Obviously I'm not showing you what I've bought for her but the oddments I got for my self as you can see was four things. 

I picked up two MUA products, the Undress Your Skin Foundation in "Porcelain" and the Pro Base Eye Primer. I'm currently going through a foundation discovery period, I don't whether its down to the fact that I am indecisive or just like having options but I have been using a range of foundations for different days to see which one I like the best..I'd heard good things about this one so I picked it up. The Eye Primer was picked up because I've never used an actual eye primer, only my MAC Paint Pot, so I thought it was about time I tried out one.

Also from Superdrug I picked up two hype up products, the L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat and a Sleek Blush in the colour "Pomegranate". I've tried a Sleek Brush before so I'm interested to try this shade.

Now to Selfridges, I was into any way because it was time for another Lancome Masterclass/Event. I turned up in Birmingham later than the others so I did a little bit of shopping, whilst they were eating their food, the rest of the shopping I'll show you last but after the masterclass, I bought a bottle of Lancome's Bi-Facil Eye Make Up Remover. I'd just ran out of my Boots Own Brand bottle and I have fallen out with the Simple Eye Make Up Remover as it had begun to sting my eyes after using. I shall give you a review once I've got used to it.

Now onto the really exciting items. I had to visit both the MAC Store on Cannon Street and also Selfridges but I picked up the two LE MAC Lipsticks that I wanted. I bought Lavender Whip (from  the Baking Beauties Collection) and Heroine (from Fashion Sets). Spot the Pattern.

MAC Lavender Whip, MAC Heroine

Yep, I'm going through a purple phase in my life. I showed these two beauties to the lovely blogger ladies at the Lancome event and I think I made a few of them jealous haha. They are both lovely shades that I can't wait to play about with.

This should be my only hiccup in my spending ban (although this was a treat from the parents). But what a lovely hiccup eh?

Till Next Time,
Clare xxx



  1. Great haul hun, love the purple shade xx

    1. I'm really loving the purple right now xx

  2. Congratulations on finishing your course!

    1. Thank you... just got to find a job now xx

  3. The MUA foundation is really good considering it is so cheap x

    1. I have heard some great things about it xx

  4. Those mac lipsticks look gorgeous. I love that MUA foundation, it is fantastic for the price. x


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