Monday, 13 May 2013

Proper Spending Ban Update #1

Hey lovelies,

So for today's post I thought I'd tell you how I'm dealing with the spending ban. It has been two weeks since I started.

So far I'm not overly lusting over anything new, I'm happy with my skincare at the moment and make up wise apart from the 10% off beauty at Debenhams (which was so tempting) and the introduction of MAC RiRi Woo to the MAC Website (which I actually put in my MAC Basket) but I ignored the urge to spend.. I am so proud of myself for not buying any more MAC.

So overall... I haven't spent any money that didn't need to and I am not lusting over anything new.

I was given a little treat from a lovely friend, she found out about the Debenhams deal too and treated me to a little present as she knew I had been lusting after it. She got me...

We all know my fascination with MAC and MAC lipsticks, well mama's got a new one (YAY!!) My lovely friend surprised me with Candy Yum Yum. The brightest pink lipstick you will ever see. I'm excited to play around with it a little bit now I own it... By the way, this little beauty takes my MAC lipstick total up to 20. I'm thinking of doing a MAC Lipstick Collection post soon.. What do you think?

Till Next Time, 

Clare xxx



  1. would love a mac lipstick collection :) x

  2. I'd love to see a MAC lipstick collection!

    I OUGHT to be on a spending ban to but I know I have a England visit next month for Sumer / Holiday clothes for me and the hubby so I very much doubt its happening, perhaps after that (Very much sound like one of those, tomorrow I'll start the diet mentalities!)

    Incase you are interested in making your MAC lipstick collection to 21 I'm actually hosting a MAC lipstick of your choice giveaway (Provided its not a ltd. edition and I can actually source it ;) ) On my blog if your interested. I won't spam you with links as I'm sure you can find your way there if you are ^^

  3. spending bans are tough x

  4. Id love to see a lipstick collection and hear what you think of the mac lipsticks :) im on a spending ban at the moment too :)x

    1. The collection post is on its way xx


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