Friday, 31 May 2013

Panache Superbra Elsa set*

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So today's fashion post is about a "fashion" that you don't show to the world, or at least I hope you wouldn't. Today I am talking about underwear,undergarments, pants...well you get the idea.

I am a size 38D, which means that I can sometimes struggle to find a bra in my size. For example, a recent trip to a lingerie shop in Birmingham, there were no bras that I liked in my size... boohoo. The fact that this is the case  means that I end up going to Marks and Spencers and getting rather plain/sometimes frumpy bras...lucky I'm single so I don't have to show them off to anyone.

One brand that had always wanted to try were Panache, a brand that specialises in the larger cup sizes (D-KK in some ranges). I have heard so many great things about them as a brand for their quality and their fit, so when the opportunity arose for me to try out a complete underwear set (i.e a bra & pants), I immediately said yes.

Firstly can I just say how tricky it is to photograph underwear, sorry folks. Secondly, my camera decided not to pick up the colour properly, this set is actually a lovely coral colour, not the pink it seems in these pictures. Oh well onto the rest of the post.

This set, the Elsa Balconnet Bra and Briefs, is not something I'm used to, like I said before I tend to wear very plain bras so to have this pop of colour was a little different for me, but it was a difference that I really enjoy.

As for the fit, it was perfect, both the bra and the bottoms fit me like a glove, which was so great. I think the thing that was making me nervous about ordering from Panache before this, was that I didn't know their sizes too well. Yes I may be a 38D in bras but some brands/shops have a warped idea of a 38D... boy could I tell you some tales.

Overall, I love the set... its a brilliant fit and a gorgeous colour. It is going to be definitely a set I put on if I want to feel a little more glamorous underneath (does this sound dodgy not sure). Now I have tried this set I want to try more bras from Panache. I think next on my list will be one of their sports bras.

 If you want to check out what Panache have to offer, you can check out their website at .

Have you tried anything from Panache before? 

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  1. Love this post! I love the colour of the set, the word superbra reminds me of Bridget Jones HA! x

    1. Haha. I love Bridget Jones :) xx

  2. I find it ridiculous trying to find bras for those of us with bigger bosoms, really gets to me at times, love this set too xx

    1. Agreed. Its something thats really annoying on the highstreet. Sports Bras are even more difficult to find xx


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