Sunday, 19 May 2013

I have some meet up news....

Hey Lovelies,

So today instead of a what's happened in my week post, which I haven't done in a couple of weeks because nothing has really been going on in my life apart from work and thats not something I talk about a lot just because of what I do for a job.

Anyways onto the news, I am strongly debating cancelling the beach meet up. I briefly talked to the lovely Zoe on the train to the Big Reunion tour about this so I thought it was about time I shared it with you all.


For a couple of reasons recently I have been thinking about the Meet Up..

REASON ONE: I have many fears in life (snakes, flying, London Underground Escalators) but one of the weirder ones (yep they get weirder than the escalators) is the fear of getting on trains alone. I am a worrier at the best of times as some of you may know if you have met me, so getting on trains alone scare me, I freak out I'm on the wrong train, or in the wrong seat, or that for some reason I shall just be chucked of the train. This fear is worse when I have to change trains part way through a journey (as I would to get to any beach by train) as I then worry that I shall miss the train I have to change onto.

REASON TWO: In the last post about Beach Meetups, the most votes went to Brighton.. I have never been there before in my life so I know nothing about the place apart from what you can read up on the internet. With it now getting to the middle of May soon and August getting closer by the day, I feel I should know about the place I could be dragging people to. Plus it is probably the furthest away for me, would take over 3 hours by train and would mean changing three times (see reason one)

REASON THREE: Over the posts where I asked people to show an interest, I didn't get many responses... it worries me that if no-one is interested in a meet up like the one I had the idea of then would it be worth setting one up just to be stuck alone by the beach with an ice cream and a seagull for company. Thank you to the people who showed an interest, I'd love to meet you all however I'm scared that no-one will turn up.

There are a few others as well but they are the main two. So here is my dilemma, do I cancel it or not? I thought instead I could move it away from the beach and instead to somewhere inland that I won't freak out about getting to (Bristol maybe?) or just give up and stress over just getting to Helen's London meet up at the end of July.

Any thoughts?
Till Next Time,
Clare xxx


  1. maybe go for a meet up not in the beach? So more of a just having a mooch and food etc :) I would have comes if I lived nearer though :) But also I am not much of a sunworshiper

    1. That has been my new plan :) xx

  2. our detest of travelling on trains alone is so alike! xx

    1. we are both alike as it is xx

  3. Oh no! Maybe we could meet up in Bristol, as it's easier for you? Brighton is too far for me; i've only been there a couple of times as well and don't know it! xx

    1. I've gone for bristol now xx

  4. Bristol is close to me and I've never been to a meet up. Would love to come if you have it in Bristol and of course, would have me along :) x


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