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Are you a secret blogger?

Hey Lovelies,

So recently I was looking around the blogsphere after a #bbloggers chat reading all the links I was sent (yes I do read all of them) when I came across this post which struck a cord with me ( a C chord in fact---- haha musical comedy... I'm here all week).

It was written by Ashlee from Private School Prepster and she talked about the fact she is a "secret blogger".


A secret blogger is defined as someone who blogs without anyone (friends and family) knowing. When I began last June, I was one of those bloggers. I kept myself blogging quietly in my room, set up a seperate email address/twitter account for the blog so that no-one outside of my blogging bubble knew.

Then about two months in, I told one of my best friends, Vicky about the blog. It felt nice not to hide a part of me from the whole real world that I live in. Since then I have slowly told friends about the blog, but not many of them know the link apart (apart from maybe Natalie.. my oldest and dearest friend.. Hi if you're reading Nat!!). 

I love being a blogger, it gives me chance to have a life away from the daily slog of going to work, coming back, lounging on the sofa with my chicken chow mein or thai green curry, then going to bed. It has given me the chance to try new things, meet some amazing people/friends and get invited to amazing things. But there is a part of me that thinks that my friends/family won't get what I'm doing or why I enjoy it. Also that if I tell them I'm going to something to meet with people I've never met before and have only talked to on the internet, that they will think badly.

This is why for the most part, I'm a secret blogger. It can be difficult sometimes (especially when parcels arrive for me and the parents get to the door before me...they still don't know I blog) but I sometimes feel that it is simpler this way.

So I open the door to you all... tell me about you. Are you out loud and proud about your blog or are you someone that has kept your blog a secret like me?

Also if you have told your family about your blog, what have you told them? I'd like to know in case I ever feel brave enough to do it myself.

Till Next Time,

Clare xxx


  1. I kept quiet at first too, but more because i don't really have any friends to tell! I told my boyfriend but now people who know me well know i do but not the blog itself?
    Rosie xo

  2. i am a complete secret blogger! A few friends know i blog but other than the few that also blog, no one knows my link. My sister has read two posts and my parents know i blog but i doubt my dad even knows what that means, other than i get free stuff every now and again.
    Love what you put about having a different set of friends. I talk to my blogging friends almost everyday and more than any of my real life friends a lot of the time ha x

  3. I'm a secret blogger, don't get me wrong I have my real name and stuff on my blog but my family have no idea and most of my friends don't, well didn't till the end of last year. I like keeping it to myself and only having a select few friends know my link. x

  4. I have told my family and friends and they actually really enjoy reading my blog and give me feedback I wouldn't want to be without. they're great at supporting me.


  5. I am semi-secret, some friends know, some don't... I dont plan to be a secret blogger it is just my own little world that I don't want to share xx

  6. aww :) i liked this post and the one you referred too, its really interesting to see how man people secretly blog.

    I wouldn't consider myself a secret blogger, my family know and my boyfriend, none of my friends though but thats probably because i'm not that close to anyone really!

    It isn't that I am ashamed I, like you love the secret bubble life of being a blogger! xx

  7. I am and I'm not. I don't mention it on Facebook or in conversation with people but I do promote it on my 'work' Twitter - by that I mean the Twitter account I use for my makeup website and I have personal friends and colleagues on there so they are aware of it and we may discuss it in passing but never too in-depth. I'm not sure why I haven't really mentioned it, I guess it's feeling like people won't 'get' it more than anything else xx

  8. I'm a secret blogger, my mum knows I have a blog but knows nothing else about it. None of my friends really know about it but my fiance reads a couple of posts sometimes even though most of it goes straight over his head.

  9. I don't think I've ever actually told anyone about mine. I'm not hiding it per se, although I don't choose to share anything about my work or my full name etc on my blog, so it's not easily searchable I suppose.
    I don't exactly intentionally keep it a secret, and my best friends know although I don't think they read my blog a lot, they did to begin with. I like to have my own little space to keep my thoughts, and it's hardly something which comes up in conversation, although with the more friends I have made through blogging, I sometimes mention them to others and talk about it. I don't know if I'm classed as a "secret blogger" or not.

  10. I am a secret blogger, too. I told some of my friends that I had started writing a blog but they don't know my link. It all began a few months ago when I felt the urge to write about my thoughts and feelings. However, since I am not a good writer and don't really know how to make a blog interesting I wanted to stay anonymous... I guess I was also inspired by Carrie Bradshaw and Gossip Girl (which is my FAVORITE TV series). ;)

  11. I shouted from the roof tops when I started my blog. I practically forced my friends and family to read it! LOL, I dont think many of them read it now, they might do occasionally. My Dad didnt get it and kept asking me how many "sales" I had! LOL, he gets it now but thinks that I should have a website that makes money. Bless him!

    I can totally understand why people are reluctant to tell people though..but for me that was never going to happen as I am so loud! I didnt tell anyone at work though...some people at work know now, but it feels odd talking about it at work.

    Fab post lovely xx

  12. I told my boyfriend immediately when I started my blog and he supported my with the usual "I'm so proud" "well done" which was lovely! I told my mum just because she's the only female in my house and to be honest I don't really have any close friends at all so she's the only one I can talk to about make up (kind of why I started a blog to chatter about beauty stuff). But everyone around me knew within a few weeks and I post it on my personal twitter and facebook too. I probably have people on there thinking "I wish she'd shut up" or "what on earth is she doing that for?" but I'm now in the mind frame of not caring what people think of my blog as long as I love it myself! Your blog is so lovely, you should super proud :)!

    Amanda xx


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