Sunday, 7 April 2013

Whats happened in my life this week #5

Hey lovelies,

Another week is over and its time for a round up of my week. Now this week I have cheated... I'm writing this on Friday because I'm not at a computer for the weekend.. crazy I know. I don't know how I shall survive.


So what has happened in my life this week?
  • I won a couple of new things on ebay... these shall pop up on the blog next week.
  • I spent my Easter Monday sorting out my make up collection, I'm just waiting on one piece of storage and then I shall show you all what it looks like. I then spend the afternoon at my oldest friend, Natalie's house. She wanted to treat herself to a new lipstick so I offered my collection to her for her to swatch and do what she wanted with... She picked See Sheer and ordered it just after I left.
  • I found a new wake up song, the song that I put on straight after I've woken up. Its the new Michael Buble song. I love a Buble tune at the best of times but I'm really loving this one..

  • Finally, the reason that I'm writing it on a Friday, I am currently away for the weekend. If my timings are about right... I will be in Windsor when this goes live. I am away for a coach trip weekend, seeing Matilda in London on the Saturday and Windsor on the Sunday, returning to the midlands half way through the afternoon. I shall tell you all about my day next week... 

So that's what I've been up to this week. What have you done?
Till Next Time,

Clare xxx



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