Sunday, 21 April 2013

What happened in my life this week #7

Hey Lovelies,

Another week, another weekly round up of my life.

So this week, like most weeks had good and bad days/events.

Good things this week:
  • I've nearly finished my course.. I've got a few things left to do, but then I will be done.
  • I went to the Birmingham Bloggers meet up yesterday. It was good to see old favourites and new, I'm feeling so tired today though. I shall be writing up a post for it very soon :) look out for it. 
  • At the meet up, I went to MAC with Zoe and I didn't buy anything... some of you might not think that that is a good thing, but I am impressed that I held it together and saved my money for next week's trip to London.
Bad things this week:
  • I broke my memory stick!! The memory stick that held all my college work for the year broke this week. Luckily I had printed off everything that needed to be printed but it still hurts.

There you go.. Hows your week been?
Till Next Time,

Clare xxx


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