Saturday, 13 April 2013

Summer Meet Up Update

Hey Lovelies,

So as some of you might know, I had the idea to have a chilled out relaxed beach meet up in August. Now when I first had the idea I suggested going to Weston Super Mare, but I thought I'd ask if anyone had any other ideas?

I asked the lovely people of twitter and the idea of Brighton popped up, I also suggested Aberystwyth.  Any other suggestions?

As I said on twitter, any trip to the beach for me is a few hours away by train and some of those train trips include about 4 changes. But I really want this meet up to happen. So give me suggestions, do you like Weston Super Mare or would you prefer somewhere else. I want as many people coming as possible to chill out and relax on the beach like the people in the picture talking makeup, clothes, blogging. The date shall stay for 3rd August.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Till Next Time,

Clare xxx


  1. Awww this is such a cute idea lovely!

  2. I could do Brighton or Bournemouth. Date wise it'd have to be beginning or middle as the end bank holiday I wouldn't be able to get off work :) xx

  3. Bournemouth would be good :) xx

  4. I really don't mind! Wherever is nice as I haven't been to any of these places mentioned except aber xx

  5. This is a fab idea! I've always wanted to go to Brighton! x

  6. I saw Brighton as I've never been and have always wanted to go :)

  7. i think Aberystwyth would be a good idea! it's so much easier to get there :)

    Kamila xx

  8. too far for me :( I live in London and it would be a long train jounrey


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