Saturday, 27 April 2013

Speaking of meet ups.....

Hey lovelies,

So let me tell you where it is at...

What feels like years ago (probably only a month or two in reality), I had the idea of arranging a beach meet up, where bloggers of all backgrounds can sit on the beach with an ice cream, chill out, have a paddle in the sea and just enjoy each others company, I asked if people would be interested and a few of you said yes.

Recently I asked whether people would like to go to Brighton, Weston Super Mare or Bournemouth, I even put up a survey... I only got 13 votes on it.

So this post is just to ask you all... Do you want a beach meet up? Where would you like it to be? Or should I just give up on the idea ( this is currently how I'm feeling...which makes me really sad).

Please leave a comment below saying whether you'd be interested in a beach meet up in Summer (I did suggest the 3rd August as a date before) and where out of the three options you would prefer.

I will look through the comments a week/fortnight from today and come to a decision. I'd love to arrange this meet up for everyone but if no-one is interested, I don't want to waste money (possibly a lot of time...depending on where it is) for no-one to turn up... You don't want me sitting alone by the sea with the world's largest ice cream, do you?

So spread the news!!!
Till Next Time,
Clare xx



  1. I really hope people will be up for it! Out of the three, as much as I love WSM, I think Brighton will be best for me in Aug. :) xxx

  2. I'm up for this! Brighton is probably the best :)

  3. I would recommend Bournemouth but I'm biased because I live there! Check out it would be the perfect place to meet and eat and its right on the sea front for a paddle and ice cream after. We already have a group of bloggers here too that you could meet! xx

  4. Well I'd definitely be up for it! I don't really mind where x

  5. I don't mind where at all, would love to do a meet up! xxx


  6. love your blog

  7. I would definitely be up for this. I vote brighton but i don't mind where. :) ill give this post a tweet to see if anyone else is interested. :)

  8. Southend? :) id love if you kept me updated xx

  9. brighton would be good! (:

    L x

  10. i'd love to go! i haven't been to a meet up yet!
    but brighton sounds fun :D

    Rosie xo


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