Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Rimmel thoughts

Hey Lovelies,

Like many others I fell for the hype over one of the newest offerings from Rimmel, their "lip lacquers" the Rimmel Apocalips.

Rimmel Apocalips

I have only picked up three as I am not a fan of a nude lip. If I don't want colour on my lips I'll leave them plain. The colour range is decent, it ranges from bright brights to nude nudes, there is something for everyone to try.

The shades I picked up were Apocaliptic (a bright pink), Big Bang (Red) and Celestial ( a dusky pink). I love the packaging of these, I don't know what it is about it but I think it looks cool and different to other things I have tried out. 

The pigmentation of these lip lacquers is amazing too. If you want a bright red or a bright pink then you can't go wrong with these. To show you what I mean, here are some lip swatches to show you. Please excuse the lack of make up, I took these pictures during my time off school with a sickness bug so I only had foundation, concealer and a bit of mascara on. 


Rimmel Apocalips Apocaliptic

Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang Red

See what I mean great pigmentation. 

There are some things about the apocalips that I'm not a fan of.Firstly, I find them really tricky to get quite right on the lips. I learnt that the best way of applying is beginning in the middle of the lips, then rubbing them together and touching up anything areas after. However as you can see with the Big Bang and Apocaliptic pictures, they never create a smooth finishing line.

I'm not the best person for applying make up, some days I apply it and it looks wonderful some days I apply my make up and it just doesn't look quite right. It is the days that it doesn't look right and everything is going wrong that I go nowhere near these. This is because they never fully dry on my lips so the slightest nudge can mess up the look, mix this in with the fact that they have decent staying powder means that I can be stuck with a red or pink blotch stuck on my face.

The final thing I don't like about them, is their taste and smell. I can't put my finger on the smell and taste but there's something that I just don't like about it. Maybe thats just me...

To conclude:

I love..
  • the pigmentation
  • the packaging
  • its staying power

I'm not a fan of...
  • its difficult applying method
  • its messiness
  • the smell and taste

What do you think of the product?
Till Next Time,
Clare xxx



  1. I keep seeing rave reviews of these and really need to try them! Celestial looks lovely on you :) it's a shame they're hard to apply though, id probably struggle to get a neat finish too! Not got the steadiest hand ever haha :) great review lovely xxx

    1. I think with more practice I'd get better. I do prefer using a lipstick over them though xx

  2. I don't like the smell or taste either, it's really artificial and... cheap! Big bang looks lovely on you though, think it would look really good with your pin curls too xx

    1. Ooh that would be nice... really retro :) xx

  3. I was not at all impressed with these! Such a load of hype, that I think people think they're missing something if they don't like these. As for the bleeding around the lips, you should try ELF lip lock pencil. You draw it around the outside of your lips and it stops anything going over the top, it's so clever! Helps to get a really smooth line. x

    1. ooh I'll have to look into that suggestion. Thank you Laura xx

  4. I love these :D i only have one but plan on buying more. i sometimes apply them with a different brush and use a little product, maybe try doing that and see it if works they may not go as messy :)

    1. I'll try that out. I don't use too much of the product each time to be fair xx

  5. Just got my hands on Celestial, it's always been sold out! So glad I finally got it :) Apocaliptic looks amazing on you xx

    1. Aww thank you. I do love the colour of Celestial xx

  6. The colour on these looks so vibrant, i will defo be trying these out.

    1. You can't fault the pigmentation of them xx

  7. I bought one of these the other day because I thought I was missing something - I'm not very impressed with it though! I chose Nude Eclipse, and even though the colour is lovely, it feels sticky and horrible :(

    Sophie xo | thatswhatsophiesaid

    1. I think we're thinking the same. I have hardly used my three to be honest, which is a shame xx


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