Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Face Masque

Hey lovelies,

It's another face mask post. Today I have what I have to say was one of the most fun masks I've ever tried.

Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Face Masque

According to the Montagne Jeunesse website, this deal with this mask is...

"Gently peel away dead skin with our amazing Passion Peel Off deep cleansing masque. Our Pomegranate and Passion Flower formula cleans, purifies and protects leaving your skin feeling fresh and radiant."

This mask smells lovely and fruity when put on the face and comes out clear, unlike the picture on the sachet.In fact this is what the mask looked like on...

It looks like a face sunburn, its a funny one. Excuse the comfies, I was in my pjs ready to watch a romcom with chocolate (I'm that much of a typical single girl, its unreal). 

Removing this mask was reminiscent of school days, peeling of the layer of mask just like when I was in school peeling PVA glue of my hands after art lessons.. I loved doing that. I say loved I still do it now when I work with the children. The mask came off in segments, it would have been cool if it peeled off in one go but as it came off in clumps, it just meant that I had more fun peeling it off.

The mask left my skin feeling softer and and lighter, like I had gained a new layer of skin. It was lovely and I will definitely be repurchasing this mask again. My next mask I want to try is one of Montagne Jeunesse's fabric masks. Has anyone tried one?

Till Next Time,
Clare xxx



  1. the mask seems lovely. might give this a go. there are so many too choose from so I'm still not sure. :)

    Eve x

    1. I really like this one, much easier to get off than a clay mask xx

  2. I love using face marks so refreshing

    1. I wish I used them more often xx

  3. I have a couple of these in reserve, might have to pull then out and give them a go!



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