Sunday, 14 April 2013

Let's go to the Beach? But Which one... you decide!!

Hey Lovelies,

So yesterday I put up a post about my beach meet up idea. I got some suggestions but it's hard to see which is most popular. So I came up with the idea of a voting system. Where do you want to go on the 3rd August? 

Where should we have the beach meet up?


Where should we have the beach meet up?
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I shall see which is most popular out of the options and there we shall have a meet up (fingers crossed). As I said before.. all the options I have thought of have been at least two trains away, I need to know people will come and where they want to go before it's too late. Just click start on the link and use your power to vote..please. If you click other leave me a comment about where you would like to go instead.

Till Next Time,
Clare xx

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