Friday, 19 April 2013

It’s all about the Ombre..

Hey lovelies,

Today I thought I’d do a OOTD showing you an outfit that I have recently worn.. I really liked it as it was a perfect bit of spring colour popping through the chilly but summery weather that keeps appearing through the clouds.I hope you all like it...

Please ignore the mess.. I hope you like the outfit. So it was a super comfy outfit pairing my ombre jumper with a pair of comfy shaper jeans and a pair of ballet flats... thats right I got rid of the boots for a few days, the weather seemed nice enough to dare to show a little foot. I paired the outfit with my new ombre drop earings and minimal make up (well as minimal as I get nowadays).

Would you believe that apart from the cami top under the jumper and my earrings this whole outfit was from Sainsburys? What do you think?

Till Next Time,
Clare xxx



  1. Absolutely adore this outfit!!! and the earrings are beautiful.

    Yorkshire Pud

  2. Love the jumper its such a gorgeous colour x

    1. Its such a spring jumper :) xx


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