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#brumbloggermeet 20th April 2013

Hey Lovelies,

So last Saturday, I made the trip into Birmingham for a Birmingham blogger meet up, which was set up by the lovely Sara, Hayley and Chloe.

The whole shebang started at 12.45 but I went in early to meet up with Zoe as she wanted to visit MAC for a foundation test. Whilst she was doing that, I swatched a couple (or five) lipsticks but resisted the urge to buy them (gold star for me). We then walked around the bullring and had a little  sun bathing in Victoria Square and met up with Sarah before the meet up began.

Borrowed from Zoe

Me and Sarah, Borrowed from Zoe

Once we had all arrived at Starbucks, we were handed a quiz which we had the rest of the afternoon to fill in before we went to Selfridges for something that the girls had arranged. We had a tour around one of the floors, it wasn't what I had expected and I didn't get to hear much as I was at the back of the group.

After Selfridges, we were given a small period of time to shop.. A lot of the meet up group went to MAC but as I had gone there earlier in the day, so myself and a few others went to mooch around Superdrug and Lush before chilling in the sun in Victoria Square (its like my newest hangout space in Birmingham) before going to Bar Room Bar for food and cocktails.

 Before we ordered food and drink, there was little talks from a lovely lady from Benefit and a lovely lady from House of Fraser (who both gave us some treats) and also the lovely Elijah from Bodhi Skincare who all talked about the products, which was very interesting.

Then food and drink came, one of my favourite times of the day. I had Chicken Caesar Salad and a Long Island Ice Tea... oh my life they were both amazing.

Overall, the day was lovely, I got to see all my favourite Midlands bloggers again, some of them for the first time since the January meet up, some of them I hadn't met before. The weather was amazing, so warm and sunny. Also the three organisers, who were Sara, Hayley and Chloe did an amazing job organising everything for us, including the goody bags, which we shall get onto in a minute. I found the whole day so enjoyable and so relaxing compared to the January one as I wasn't organising/worrying/stressing.

Now on to the goody bags, they are so good I'm giving them their own post but I might just show you a sneaky look, here are the goody bags....

Thats all until Monday on the goody bags...I'm such a tease.
Till Next Time,
Clare xxx



  1. Looks like a lvly day!! Hope I get to go to a blog meet up one day glad the sun was out for it aswell xxx

  2. Looks like a lvly day!! Hope I get to go to a blog meet up one day glad the sun was out for it aswell xxx


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