Sunday, 31 March 2013

What happened in my week this week #4

Hey Lovelies,

So it is the end of another week, or the beginning of a new one depending on they way you think of things. This week was a very enjoyable one. Shall we discuss why together?


So this week, I finally went back to school after having most of last week off being sick, it was great to be back. As it was nearly Easter time for them, this week at school was a lot of making Easter nest ( you know like the ones from the last post... wink wink) so most of the time I was smelling like chocolate and syrup, there are worst things.

Apart from school, there were other things that happened:

  • I won an ebay auction.... yay. I love to win them, I hate when you are pipped to the post by just a little amount of money. I show off what I won when it arrives.
  • I wrote a post that went live on Monday, which has become one of my most popular posts. If you haven't read it yet you can find it HERE. I also turned it into a bit of a tag, so feel free to have a go and leave the link on the post and I'll check them out.
  • I found out that I get to meet one of my favourite bloggers, Amy from Cocktails in Teacups at the Birmingham Meet Up next month. This has excited me so much as I love her blog and her. It'll be exciting to meet her face to face. Blogger love right there. Please go check out her blog, you will love it I promise.
There are probably other things that have happened but for now thats all I can think of. I'd love to know what you have been up to this week... Why don't you leave a comment?

Till Next Time,
Clare xxx

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