Sunday, 24 March 2013

What happened in my life this week #3

Hey lovelies,

So this week was a quiet one.. why you ask well I'll tell you. Last weekend my brother came home for the weekend bring home some germs and a bug. By the time he left on Sunday night, my dad was feeling a bit odd and then my mum felt the same by Monday.

On Tuesday, I went to school as normal but by morning break I was sent home after being sick (sorry TMI). I then spent the rest of that day and the following three after not eating, wearing a lot of layers (I was freezing) and watching really bad telly.

I'm now feeling back to normal (almost) and I have actually visited my brother in Bristol (where there is no snow)  and I'm hoping to go back to school tomorrow, if the snow lets me.

How has your week been? Tell me about it in the comments.

Till Next Time,

Clare xxx


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