Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Tag you are all it!!

Hey lovelies,

Not my proper post today..that will be coming up later. 

This instead is a little "task" for you all to have a go at. On Monday I posted my things I never did before blogging post, which you can read by clicking the screen grab below. You all seemed to really enjoy this post and some of you even said you would like to do one on your blogs. Go Ahead!! In fact I dare you to have a go.

I "tag" you all to post about things you  never did before blogging, tag others at the end of the post, lets see how far out this goes. It would be nice for my post to get a mention in yours, if you please but apart from that go wild!

If you do a things you never did post, link it below I'd love to read them and I'll even share them with my readers, how does that sound?

Till Next Time,




  1. I enjoyed reading your answers, I was just as bad before blogging it seems like it's changed us for the better! I did a post like this about a year ago now, but if you'd like to read my little pre-blog confessions too the post is here

    :) xx

    1. Thanks I'll check it out xxx

  2. hey, I really enjoyed reading this and actually did the tag on my blog. I linked yours aswell :)


    1. I checked it out lovely, I love the spin you did on it xxx


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