Friday, 15 March 2013

New Look Haul

Hello Lovelies,

So this WILL be my last haul for a while. I need to save up for an upcoming trip to London. I just grabbed a couple of things from New Look online. A few of the things we're reduced and I had reasons behind my purchases, including the fact that I had a bit of money given by my parents to treat myself to a couple of things.


First up, a pair of skinny black jeans from the inspire range.

I was looking around for skinny black jeans, something that was comfy but I could wear at school if I wanted to. These are still not quite right but they shall do for now. I'm so picky over my jeans. Grrr.

Next up a jumper I found in the sale section of the website. It mixes two of my favourite things, Lace and this amazing colour (I believe its called ox blood.. feel free to shout up if its not). I think its going to look lovely at the moment with jeans and boots but it will also be useful for summer for when the sun has gone in but I don't want to go inside. Its rather large too so thats a bonus.

Next up and today's winner of the worst photography award is this skirt. Yes its a skirt. It's New Look Inspire range's answer to a Tube Skirt. I picked this up because I thought it would be useful at some point, maybe to put under a long top to hide my modesty. Any tips?

Can you tell I'm really loving this colour? I picked up my second ever peplum top after the complements and comments that you lot gave me from the first one. This one is sleeveless and I have actually already worn it to a Lancome "experience" with some fellow bloggers. This one is less structured than my first one. I'm not sure whether its because its from the Inspire range but it still gives the look of peplum.

Finally we have a top which I think is like a work of art. It is gorgeous and guess what it was reduced from £22.99 to £12. Bargain. I think it will be perfect for the summer because its loose fitting and made from a very light feeling material... all I can say is bring on the summer!!

So there is my haul. Sorry about the picture quality in this post wasn't its best. I shall be back to playing around on picmonkey shortly.

Till Next Time,
Clare xxx



  1. Love the crochet detailing on the jumper! :)

    1. I love the jumper full stop. I just have to keep my arms away from door handles as I keep catching it on them xx

  2. I am in love with the oxblood jumper ! x

    1. I am beyond loving oxblood right now xx

  3. Wow what a great haul! I got a few bits from New Look too this week, having to return one though :( Love that last top!


    1. I thought it was cute. thanks for the comment amy xxx

  4. Great haul! loving that peplum top :) xx

    1. Peplum is good :) I don't know what I was scared about xx

  5. The print on that top is BEAUTIFUL


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