Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Light in Purple

Hey lovelies, 

Remember a couple of weeks ago, I told you all about the new range of my favourite cheap little pots of creamy eyeshadow joy, specifically the new Timeless Black shade.

Well today, I bring you the other one out of the new collection that I recently bought. It is called Light in Purple and it looks like this...

Now Maybelline brought out a deep purple shade in the first round of shadows that the UK received (I would know I bought it), so when this shade came out and once I swatched it I knew I wanted it.

This shade is a tricky one to name if I had to try I'd call it a silvery light lilac shade. But don't take my word on it, we all know how I am describing colours don't we? 

It is a very unusual colour but I think would be a good base for something like MAC Stars N Rockets for a night out or just on its own during the day. 

Its hard to swatch this shade in the light but you can really see the lilac base shade in this picture. I've also done some "eye swatches" so lets look at those...

I have tried to put just a little on the left eye and my normal amount on the right eye just so you can see the difference in the difference between a little and a lot. 

I like this shade because it is a little out of the ordinary. What do you think?

Till Next Time,

Clare xxx



  1. Love the look of this shade, very pretty.
    Raspberrykiss xo

    1. Its very unusual but I think I'll get a good deal of wear out of it xx

  2. The shade is pretty unusual! I likeee xx

  3. Hello Clare :) I'm new to Blogger, Is there any way you could suggest getting more followers/subscribers? Thank you xx

  4. Looks like such a lovely shade! I love the maybelline colour tattoos :)



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