Saturday, 2 March 2013

Let's share the love, forget the hate.

Hey lovelies,

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on something. It is something that is troubling me. That is hate. Now this is something that I have seen and watched a lot of recently and it makes me sad.



I am a big fan of the beauty and vlog channels of Khila or Miss Budget Beauty, I'm also a fan of her blog. On last week's vlogs on days 14 and 15, she talked about the hate that some YouTubers get (for example the Saccone Jolys, another YouTube channel I love) and the "trolls" that are around. She also talked about a site called guru gossip. I'm sorry but I had a quick look through this site and oh my life, some of the things said about certain bloggers are complete uncalled for and absolutely horrible and vile.

I feel very lucky to know that the people who follow me on twitter and who follow my blog are some of the loveliest people I know, I get amazingly lovely comments on my posts and I have lovely twitter messages off people ( like when I felt so down last Saturday evening). 

I don't want to bring any more attention to the hate because there is no need for it, it seems like similar to school time bullying, which I was affected by myself when I was younger and it really hurts. Yes you might not love everyone that blogs or does YouTube videos, you probably won't just down to the sheer amount of people that do posts and videos but please remember that there are real human beings behind the twitter, YouTube, Facebook and blogger accounts that have feelings and emotions just like you do. My advice... if you don't like something you don't have to read it or watch it.. just click the little x in the corner of your screen and forget about it. Don't go somewhere else and trash about it/them.

I am not aiming this post at anyone, its just something that has been bugging me that I had to get out. Can we just try and make it more about things that we like and less about the things that we don't? Let's share the love... pretty please?

Till Next Time,

Clare xxx


  1. Guru gossip is such a horrible sight! Love youuuu xx

    1. It really is... Love you too xx

  2. I'm having stalker issues with a former friend from the livejournal community who has incessantly "lurked" and once or twice outright copied my blog layouts and graphics and tries to call me the liar when I call her out about it.

    There's no need for hate and bashing online to deal with an issue but there's behaviour that warrants people getting understandably angry when they're being attacked in some way.

    Trolls online are always going to be there because people unfortunately feel like a warrior hiding behind a computer screen when truthfully they wouldn't dream of attacking a person vocally to their face. The internet can be a strange place. :(

    Y ·

    1. Thank you for the comment. You make some good points xx

  3. There's just no need for people to ever be horrible, I'm sure they wouldn't like it if somebody was being nasty about them! It's appalling that people receive nasty comments about something they've put a lot of work in to. Needs to stop! x

  4. Your blog is so lovely! I love this post.

    Elise Dopson xo


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