Saturday, 16 March 2013

Kellogg's does crisps

Hello Lovelies,
Today I bring you another "healthy snack" post. Now I don't know about you but I cannot live without crisps. Along with chocolate, they are my two vices in life... bet you can guess why I'm the size I am?

Anyway, my mummy got a voucher for a new style of crisps from Kellogg's, thats right the people that make the cereal for your breakfast are branching out and making some crisps that claim to be 94 calories per serving.

They are called Kellogg's Special K Cracker Crisps and they come in three flavours, Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar, Sour cream and onion and finally the ones I have tried, Sweet Chilli.

These crisps are a potato and wheat snack and have the feeling of a crisps, unlike other "healthy crisps" I've tried before (cough snack a jacks cough). 

The taste also packs a punch. I have noticed that more than a couple in quick succession will burn your tongue (in a good way), I guess this stops me from eating too many at a time.

The one thing I don't like is that instead of little packs full of 21 crisps (which are a "serving" which is 94 calories), it is just one big bag in a box. Its my only moan about these crisps.

They are available from most supermarkets and 1 box retails for about £2.
Have you tried these?

Till Next Time,
Clare xxx



  1. That's such a weird invention, i'll have to go check them out on my next shopping trip! x

  2. That's craaazy but cool too! Have to have a look next time i'm out.

    1. Try them.. go on I dare you xx

  3. I love these in all flavours. I get a box a week! I do think I look silly stood counting out the crisps though haha

    Amy x

    1. I have seen individual packs!! no more counting xx


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