Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Sensations 4/2 - 10/2 GUEST EDITION

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This week I'm guest posting for Clare's Sunday Sensations, sharing some of the things that I have loved from the past seven days. It's been hard to choose and narrow down my options but I hope you'll agree with me that they're all fab.

Favourite Beauty Product:
This week it most definitely has to be my new Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in 03 Peche Cosy. I wrote a post  about my love for this fabulous colour, and while it's not quite a wintery shade it'll see me nicely through to spring and Summer. Bourjois have only recently brought out their Rouge Edition range, there are 17 colours so there's bound to be one you love. Boots are also doing a 'buy one get one half price' offer on them at the moment, so get down to Boots quickly!

Favourite Event:
I haven't really been to any events lately, if at all. As I'm in my final few months of university there's not a lot of excitement happening in my non-academic life save for the precious times when I am able to score my favourite seat in the library - sad eh!? Can I cop out and say that the #bbloggers chats have been my favourite events this week? I love chatting on Twitter to anyone and everyone, and love getting to know some of the lovely people behind my favourite blogs and I definitely love the way that everyone shares their knowledge with each other so we can all benefit from extra beauty tips. I adore the #bbloggers community. Ps. If you want to follow me on Twitter, find me @louisekwilliams :)

Favourite Post I've Written:
Ooo do I really have to choose? I'm going to pick one beauty and one more lifestyle orientated post. My favourite beauty post was my review  of Illamasqua's I'mperfection speckled nail polish in 'Scarce'. If it's possible to fall in love with your nails then I might have just done that this week.
My favourite lifestyle post has been my Woodland Bunnies  ice lolly maker that I bought from dotcomgiftshop. They're an adorable way to indulge my love for cute rabbits, and love of ice cream/ice lollies at the same time. I've been experimenting with homemade ice lolly recipes since I bought it and have found some firm favourites!

Favourite Blogger:
My favourite blogger this week has been Jade from Beads of Jade . She's recently decided to come back to blogging and I truly believe she deserves more readers. She has a lovely mix of posts on her blog, from beauty reviews, to wish lists and more. I have loved her insight into her MAC pro palette this week, as well as her review of Katy Perry for Eyelure eyelashes, Jade they look amazing on you and I have definitely found some more MAC shadows I would like to add to the spaces remaining in my palette. Go and follow her blog and her twitter (@beadsofjade) :)

Favourite Video:
My favourite video is a song that made me laugh this week. My boyfriend insists that it's a 'tune' and won't stop quoting lyrics to me down the phone! If you ever shop at a thrift/charity shop, you'll find yourself singing along :) 

So those were Confetti Letters' Sunday Sensations! 
What's been your favourite moments of the past seven days?

Clare here, I'd just like to say thank you to Louise for guest posting me, hope you didn't mind me adding a picture of you at the beginning. I loved to find out a different persons favourites. If anyone else would like to have a go at doing their Sunday Sensations, drop me a comment or an email.  Hope you have all had a good week xxx



  1. My 2 favourite girlies ;) xx

  2. I love guest posts, it's great getting to know other bloggers!

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