Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Sensations 28/1-03/2

Hey lovelies, 

Hope you are all well and that you have all survived the week.
Well it is Sunday again, which means one thing it's time for my Sunday Sensations post, the time of the week were I share some loves of the week.

Favourite Beauty Product: This week I pick Lush Tea Tree Water. I repurchased it, whilst I was in Birmingham for the Blogger Meet Up. I am so happy I repurchased it. It is my favourite toner. I believe way back when I did a post on this, which you can find HERE.

Favourite Event: My favourite event this week was finally receiving a Secret Santa gift from Sarah. Thanks to the Royal Mail, I only just received it but I was so excited to get it. Would anyone like a post on what I received?

Favourite Post I've written: That would be the project get me thinner post (which I can't link at the moment because at the time of writing this, it has not gone live). I liked writing it because I think with the help of other bloggers advice, recipes etc (which I would love to share on this blog - get in touch), I think I can make a concious effort to do something about my weight.

Favourite Blogger: My favourite blogger this week has been a favourite for a while. I first found her YouTube Videos and then her blog second. It is the blog Hattie's Hideaway and the blogger is Hattie. I am a fan of her videos and I enjoy that she has a blog where she posts her own reviews and also promotes her videos too. If you haven't already, I think you should all check out her blog and her YouTube.

Favourite Video: Speaking of bloggers, a blogger (and a friend of mine) named Gemma burst onto the YouTube scene with a BANG!! Gemma or Gemma Button is amazing and her first video showed off her personality perfectly and what you see with her videos is going to be what you would get in real life. I suggest that if you haven't already checked out her first ever video (although you would never be able to tell), you should go check it out...

There you go, my favourites for the week. Look out for my posts this week. There is a very exciting post coming along this week so look out for that.

Till Next Time,
Clare xxxx



  1. I'd love to see a post of what you got in your parcel :) I'd also love to see recipe posts. I do some on my blog too and I love when other bloggers write them so I can get some inspiration.

    Amy x

  2. Id love to see what you got in your box hunni, and thank you thank you thank you for featuring me, im soo glad you enjoyed the video :)

  3. cool post :)
    feel free to post your links on my new fb page :)


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