Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Sensations 11/2-17/2 (200th Post Special)

Hey Lovelies, 

Its Sunday again, which means its time for my sensations post. This one is going to be a bit different. If you haven't seen in the title, this post is my 200th post that I have written in this blog. Thats right for 200 posts, I have sat on my laptop and rambled my way through chatting about make up, fashion, meet up ideas and sometimes even nothing special and people have read what I had to say. This week for my sensations I'm going to talk about my favourite and most viewed posts.


Most Viewed Post: Of all the 200 posts the most viewed post goes to my L'oreal Casting Creme Post. This post was written way back in August 2012, when I was still relatively new to blogging (I started End of June 2012, when I thought no-one really read my blog posts. That post now has over 900 views to its name. I don't know whether it is because the colour wasn't that blogged about but I wish I'd put make up on for the pictures.

Most Searched Keyword: My most searched keyword is MAC Fanfare. This relates to what at the time I called my first MAC lipstick colour review. Then I never got round to any more... oops. I have 12 Lipsticks now and I was wondering whether you'd like to see anymore showcased on this blog. Here is the Fanfare Post.

Favourite event I have been invited to as a blogger: I have only ever been to one event as a blogger and that was the opening of a cocktail bar in Birmingham called Lost and Found. It was an amazing night, lovely place to have a cocktail if you like anything slightly quirky or vintage like me and it was also the night I met my friend and blogging partner in crime Miss Gemma Button, the lady which I can't believe that if I hadn't started this blog last June, I'd never had met.

Favourite post to write: I have had two favourites which are favourites for different reasons. Firstly I really enjoyed writing and posting my Chicken Chow Mein post . It was something different for me to write but I really enjoyed showing my love for cooking. My second favourite post I have written was my body image post . It was a post, which at the time I was unsure about writing. I know I am not a stick thin blogger but I'm proud of my shape, I'm not going to hide away from that fact. 

I hope you have enjoyed my special sensations and if you haven't read them before, go check them out. What has been your favourite post of the 200 that have been published??
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Till Next Time,
Clare xxx


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