Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Secret Santa Goodies.

Hey Lovelies,

So I know it is February and I'm showing what I got for a secret santa present but nobody's perfect. Thanks to the Royal Mail my present didn't arrive until the end of January, it was just crazy.

Before we start I should say, I took part in the beaumaquillage Secret Santa collection and I was given my present by the lovely Sarah from Some Sparkle and Shine. Go check her blog out if you have a second. Do you want to see what she got me?

So in my little box, I received....

  • A Scottish Fine Soaps Company Apple Soap... I've had a little sniff, it smells fresh and appley, like you'd expect. I haven't tried it out yet because I have to be weary with my soaps on my skin. I'll let you know when I try it out.
  • I Love.... Raspberry & Blackberry Body Butter. This smells lovely, it actually reminds me of  a face mask that I reviewed on this blog which you can read here.
  • Bed Head Sugar Dust. I'm not going to lie. I'm not sure what this is for. I need to research into it a little.
  • MUA Love Hearts Lip Balm. I already have one of these in a different shade. This one is Great Lips, which is a browny nude shade. 
  • Lush Latte Lip Tint. This tint is the strangest thing I've ever seen. I've not tried any of the Lush Lip Tints but opening the lid, I kinda looks like an eyeshadow rather than a Lip Tint. I haven't tried it yet but like the MUA lip balm it is a nudey brown shade.
  • Rimmel Vinyl  Gloss Lipgloss in Snog. I love the colour of this lipgloss, its just a tiny bit darker than my natural lip colour so when I don't want to wear anything crazy I can just drop this one my lips. It is a tad sticky but I can deal with this.
  • Benefit They're Real Mascara. We all know my love for this product. I'm happy that I've got  a spare as I'm nearing the end of a tube as we speak.

So there you go, that is what I got in my Secret Santa Present. I'd like to say thank you to Sarah for sending me all my new goodies.

Till Next Time,
Clare xxx



  1. Your secret santa arrived in September?! I'd say that's pretty early! xx

    1. Thanks for showing me up :P its changed now xx

  2. That is the best secret santa present I have ever seen. Benefit & Lush & Bed Head?! That soap looks amazing too, I imagine it smell amazing!

    Amy x

    1. It was very exciting present xx

  3. you've received some great things Clare! x


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