Saturday, 23 February 2013

Oliver! on Tour

Hey Lovelies,

This week I have been staying with my brother in Bristol, doing a few jobs around his flat and other things. When we knew we were going to be down for the week, my dad suggested that myself (the musical nut) and my mum (the woman who gets dragged along to the theatre to watch said musicals with the musical nut) go to the Bristol Hippodrome to see Oliver! which is playing this week until Sunday 24th.


I love visiting the Hippodrome in Bristol, it is a beautiful theatre inside. We were sat in the Upper Circle, i.e up the top. The way we got up there is strange because you walk through the stalls' bar and then up some tight stairs to the second floor and then up another set of stairs to get up to the top, where you are sitting on padded benches,not seats. I love the inside of the theatre, its design looks like it has been around for many years... I just love it.

The cast included Neil Morrissey playing Fagin, a role which he was very well suited to and he added much comedy to the part, he even fitted in a Bob the Builder joke. The cast also included a very scary Bill Sykes ( who even got pantomime boo at the bows) and a great ensemble cast, with as much energy and talent as you can handle.

If you follow me on twitter, you will have seen that I came out and proclaimed my love for the lovely lady who played Nancy and that was Samantha Barks. You may have seen her in the recent Les Miserable film (which I am still yet to see... slap the back of my hand) or in the 25th Anniversary concert of Les Mis (available on DVD) or even way back when on the telly, when she entered the BBC competition to play Nancy in the west end. This for me is where my love affair with her began.

She is beyond gorgeous, amazingly talented actress and an awesome singer. I feel so lucky to have seen her in the role. 

Overall I had an amazing night, I screamed and wooped and cheered at the bows and left feeling full of cockney charm and wanted to dance the whole way back to my brother's flat. Super cast, Super show, Awesome night.

What is your favourite musical?
Till Next Time,
Clare xxx


  1. The first picture always reminds me of pizza hut! x

  2. I love musicals - my favourite is Wicked! :) Sounds like you had an awesome time xx

    1. I love Wicked too!! Seen it twice in the west end and will see it when it comes around the country on tour... I love going to the west end xx

  3. Oh wow this is one I really really want to see! I'm super jealous you saw Samantha Barks, I think she's incredibly and so good as Eponine in Les Mis.

    I love musicals, my favourites are Wicked, Hairspray & The Lion King!

    Amy x


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