Monday, 18 February 2013

My MAC Lust List

Hey Lovelies,

Today I bring to you my current MAC wishlist. We all know I have an addiction for MAC Products. I still would like to try a concealer or foundation from them but I'm not brave enough to go and get tested for my colour. 

My wishlist is currently just eyeshadows and lipsticks, but that might change before my next MAC splurge/shop which will probably be when I meet up with my friend and fellow blogger Zoe.

So up first are these two things....

I want a big palette, I currently have two 4x palettes and I just think it would be nicer to have them all together. The only thing is that the price of these two seperately is crazy for what it is. Out of the whole lust list... this is the most boring things. I have allowed myself to play on picmonkey for the next lot of things on my list so lets look at them.

So as you can see, the first four are made up of 1 lipstick and three eyeshadows. The lipstick is Craving. I've seen this on Laura's blog and think it looks lovely on her. I have yet to swatch this in real life, so I will do this first before purchasing. I need to do this more because in my current collection, I have bought most of them "blind" and this means that not all of the colours get used as much as each other. 
My first three eyeshadows I'm lusting after are Patina (top one), All That Glitters (middle) and Gleam (bottom). Patina is lusted over mostly because of the hype surrounding it, it is another one I am yet to swatch. All That Glitters and Gleam are on the list because they are both the type of shade that will blend into others. I own Naked Lunch (I love it) and think that I need other shades like it for days when I don't feel like doing crazy eyes.

Next up is..

Another lipstick and this time two eyeshadows. The lipstick this time is Plumful. I recently saw and swatched it in my local store (Beatties in Wolverhampton if you're interested) but after I had to tell the MAC lady what finish it was and a few other things, she told me there wasn't any in stock, so I walked off in a grump. The two eyeshadows this time are Plum Dressing and Sable. Again, these two I haven't swatched but Sable is well talked about again. Plum Dressing to me looks an amazing  colour plus it is a plumy purple shade, which as I am a girl with brown eyes, I know I should suit purple colours. Next up...

My final collection of lustings which are lipsticks or eyeshadows are these three. The lipstick this time is Snob. It is one that I have lusted over for a while. Last August at a friend's wedding, my best friend had brought to MAC lipsticks for the day, one was Blankety (which I now own) and the other was Snob. I loved both on her as they were both quite muted so can be worn in most situations. I definitely think Snob will be a purchase soon.

The final two eyeshadows are Sketch and Satin Taupe. As far as I'm aware Sketch is like a second cousin of Cranberry (one of my most favourite MAC shades, it's even had its own post) so I'd love to own Sketch too. Satin Taupe like the others I've mention have a lot of hype surrounding it. I'm a fan of brown based shades for my eyes too so thats why there is a lust for Satin Taupe, Patina and Sable.

Finally on my lust list are two products that aren't lipsticks or eyeshadows (say what?!?). They are eye and lip related though.

On the left we have a MAC Lip Liner in Cherry. I have only ever tried MUA lipliners and to be honest, they don't do anything to help keep lipsticks on. I have heard good thing about MAC lipliners so that is why I have put it on the list. 
The other one is an eyeliner. Now I'm not very good at eyeliner because as some of you know, I don't like putting anything anywhere near my eyeball. I'm getting better and I'd love to try this liner. It has been shown off by Gemma on her blog and I think it sounds lovely. She described it as a black with glitter running through it... sounds rather nice don't you think?

So there you have it. My current MAC lust list, what do you think? Are there any products that I should look out for or swatch? What is on your lust list? Leave me a comment below.

Till Next Time,

Clare xxx



  1. Your MAC wishlish completely matches mine, I have a foundation from MAC but my friend bought it for me and I think to have the full MAC experience you need to go and get it done for yourself which I plan to do soon!
    Great blog and great post

  2. Aw I want all of these products too!! I've tried the MAC brown eyeliner before and it was really good- very bold and stayed on all night- no smudging!
    Rosy x

  3. Wow I dare not even write all my lusts into one post, I think the figure would be scary!
    I have the 4 palette with cranberry and brulee i, I'd like all that glitters and hoodwinked maybe? I want to try a mineralise skin finish also. And for lipstick, I think a nude one, couldn't tell you the name as I would have to go into the shop and see for myself. Which I dare not do as I'll end up buying it!

  4. Oh wow.. my MAC lust isn't getting any better from seeing this. I use a powder, concealer and powder religiously so that's expensive as it is but I love love love Mac lipsticks, I have a list of loads I want to buy. I managed to get one over the weekend so that's a start!

    Amy x

  5. As much as I love MAC's pro palettes, since they've changed the packaging I just can't fork out the extra £10 for one. It's just plastic! I will never buy a new one.

  6. Hey cheeky, thanks for the mention! I hope you get Craving, it's the best! I love all the things you mentioned, and I've never tried snob :O
    Definitely yes to Cherry liner, All that glitters & gleam!


  7. I love Mac!! Definitely need to get all that glitters, it look so lovely:) x

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