Sunday, 17 February 2013

Did you know....

Hey lovelies, 

I hope you all liked my 200th post earlier. This is just a little post to say that in celebration of that fact (the fact that I have reached 200 posts) I have added an extra prize to the giveaway I have currently got going on...

As well as all these (remember the paint pot doesn't have to be bare study), I am adding the NEW palette from MUA which is the Undress Me Too palette, how do you like them apples???

If you want to enter my giveaway either click HERE or on the picture above.
Till Next Time,

Clare xxx

P.S I plan to do my next thank you giveaway at 500 GFC followers... what would you like to see as a prize??? Leave me comments

P.P.S I now offer advertising... why don't you go and check out my advertising tab 


  1. You should do a little bag containing samples of all your favourite makeup!

  2. I havent tried the undressed palette 2, ~*fingers crossed*~

  3. Definitely going to enter, i love your blog and these are amazing prizes!

    Zoe, x


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