Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday Sensations 7/01-13/01

Hey lovelies, 

Week two of 2013 done and dusted and first week back at school, I'd totally forgot how much the lovely little ones tired me out.

So as you are all aware it is Sunday, which means its the day of the week I like to talk about things I have enjoyed this week. Normal categories apply so lets get in to it shall we...

Favourite Blogger: this week I'm picking Katie of Retro Love. I am a relatively new follower to Katie's blog but this week I have been loving her posts a lot, especially the last two I have seen as they were about MAC Lipsticks and you all know my addiction for those little beauties.  I love her simple blog design and the heart shape banner is gorgeous too. If you would like to check out her posts you can either click HERE or click below.


Favourite Beauty Product: MAC Brick-o-la. This lipstick is going to be a favourite for a while. Obviously I haven't been able to wear it much this week as I have been in school and I might scare the children if I turn up with red lips but when I haven't been in school this lipstick has been on my lips. I found out about first on Essie Button blog and I have loved it since. Its such a wearable shade.

Favourite Post I have written: I enjoyed writing my OOTD post this week. I really enjoy writing my fashion posts sometimes, it shows my personal style and I always get some lovely comments from it.

Favourite Event: My favourite event this week has been the fact I can cross another New Years Resolution off my in my post. If you haven't already noticed or if you are new to this blog, I have had a blog redesign thanks to  Steph of Bonjour Belle. So happy with the end results, it is just so nicely put together. What do you all think of it?

Favourite Video/Song: Now this weeks favourite song is one that I would never would have ever expected to be typing down on my laptop and that is... My name is Clare and I am a fan of One Direction. Wow that felt weird. All this week, I have listened to this song at least once a day. Does this make me a bad person?

Anyway, this is the song I have been constantly listening too... Enjoy!! 

There are my favourites this week, what have your favourites been this week? Leave me a comment below.
Till Next Time,



  1. I like the new layout and themes my love! It really does look smart and fun! :D xxx

    1. thank you sweetie. I'm really loving it :) its the best money I've spent xx

  2. Loving the new blog design and expecially your picture, looking very vintagy with that red lip :)

    Also I LOVE ONE DIRECTION, not ashamed nor quiet about it :)


    1. Thank you sweetie. I'm really loving the new design. it feels so professional :) xx


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