Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Sensations 21/1-27-1

Hey Lovelies,

Its Sunday again, which means that it is time for my Sunday sensation post. For you who don't know what this is (maybe you're new around here, if that is the case hi there), Sunday Sensations are the things that I have been enjoying this week. 


Favourite event: This week I have enjoyed being able to cross off two more things on my New Year Resolution post. This week I could tick off that I had helped to run a successful meet up. I think I did that last week. Secondly I can cross off the change my phone resolution. I am now a proud owner of an Iphone. This means that I am now on Instagram (you can find me at abotat90). Feel free to follow.

Favourite YouTube Video/song: This is less of a YouTube video, more something you can find on YouTube. It is actually an advert. If you are from the UK, you may have seen the E-Lites advert. Now the first time I saw this advert, it amused me. Then I watched it with parents (both had no knowledge of the song in question), this led to me showing Gangnam Style on YouTube to them, it was a great evening. Here is the advert:

Favourite Blogger: This week I'm going to pick Becky from Beauty Becky. I have been a follower of hers for a while now and I love all her posts. My favourite one from this week was her MAC Starter Kit post. As you all know, I am a a fan of MAC so I love any post that has it in. I am a large fan of Naked Lunch and I'd like to try a few other things from her post. If you want to check out her blog click her beautiful face below.

Favourite post from this week: this week my favourite post to write was yesterday's post on the #birminghambloggermeetup. It was great to show off some brilliant pictures of a brilliant day. You can find the post HERE.

That's all for this week. If you would like to nominate someone/something for a mention in next week's post drop me a comment. Also I would love to have some guest sunday sensations so if you'd like to do that also drop me a comment, email or tweet.

Till Next Time,
Clare xxx


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