Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Sensations 14/1-20/1

Hey Lovelies,

Hands up, who has snow? 
Today is Sunday, so you know what that means, it's time for Sunday Sensations, the time in the week that we have a catch up and I share what I have been loving this week. So before I start rambling on I think I shall start....


Favourite Blogger: This week, I am picking two. The reason behind these picks is purely down to what happened yesterday (19th January), the blogger event in Birmingham. As you all know I had some part in organising the event, but the one thing I did nothing with was the goody bags, the little thank you bags for the lovely attendees for battling the snow. The goodies were all collected by Sara and Gemma (my partner in crime for the event). Without these two, the event wouldn't have been the same, especially Gemma, without her I would have been lost.

Favourite beauty product: Not exactly a beauty product, but I have been loving Soap and Glory's Dr Spot gel. I have been fighting some spots recently and this product has been working brilliantly.

Favourite post written by me: That has to be my post from yesterday, my chicken chow mein recipe. It was something different to write and I really enjoyed doing it. It would be interesting to find out if anyone tries it and also whether you'd like any more recipe posts?
You can find the post HERE.

Favourite event: I think that it is obvious what my favourite event was this week. Yes at times, it was stressful and nerve wracking but I am so proud of myself and Gemma for making an idea that we had in our head for a Birmingham Blogger Meet Up a reality. I can never say thank you enough to the people who came for coming, without you all it wouldn't have been the same. I hope you all had an amazing time. There will be posts coming along shortly, so everyone look out for those.

So there are my favourites this week. What have been your favourites. Just one last thing. Do you prefer me leaving the posts this length or do you prefer them shorter, when you have to click to get more of the post? Leave me a comment below.

Till Next Time,

Clare xxx



  1. was great finally meeting you! you gemma and sara did so well! xx

  2. I love my little mention :) *blushing*

  3. It was so lovely to meet you and everyone else yesterday, you all did such a great job organising it. Thank you!! xxx


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