Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pin Curls... I love them

Hey Lovelies,

As you all probably know I love all things vintagey especially if its 1940s/1950s related. Step in the world of pin curls with me. Thats right, I'm going all hairy on you today (that kind of sounded better in my head).

I used to try pin curls a few years ago when I had relatively long hair, I have no photographic evidence of but it had hit and miss results and I instead leant towards using heated rollers to get nice hair. However when I got the chop (my hair is currently just above shoulder level) and saw on twitter that Helen from beautifully superfluous had done pin curls, which looked lovely so I thought I'd have a go again. 

When I first tried to do pin curls I used YouTube to help me. The video, which I found most useful to use was one from a lovely american lady, whose channel is called VividMakeup. Here is the video that helps the most...

This time, I attempted something similar to her damp set pin curls but I put my spin on it (brave). Just to warn you the rest of the post is a bit picture heavy, sorry for that. 

Ok so step 1, dampen hair (not sopping wet, just damp to touch..pop in the shower or something) and get a small section of hair, wrap the end around two fingers to make a loop...

 Take the fingers out (oh dear) but continue your spiral of hair until you reach the base. Fix the spiral to base with two bobby pins placed in the shape of an 'X'. Continue the process until the whole head is covered in pin curls. You can probably make yours neater than mine.

Now here's the tricky part, go to bed, sleep on it, put your head on the pillow, close your eyes and enjoy sweet dreams. Wet setting hair this way can apparently take up to 7 hours to set. It can be a little uncomfortable to sleep on because of the pins but it isn't unbearable.

After 7hrs (or longer... I left mine in for most of the next day until I was getting my make up for the evening, seeing a friend at her and her husband's house) you just take out all the pins, leaving you with hair as crazy as....

Crazy hair personified. Anyways once all the pins are out, you are free to do what you want to do. I carefully brushed through my hair until I got to what I wanted... the final product so to speak. So after many hours, a lot of patience and not a lot of effort. I went to see my friend's new pad looking like this.....

Not bad eh? I really love this look... its exactly what I wanted. I kept the make up simple yet retro. On the eyes, there is MAC Naked Lunch and Cranberry with Benefit's They're Real for mascara, the trusty Maxfactor Foundation and on the lips I have MAC Brick-o-la. Pretty right. 

What do you think of my attempt of pin curls? Have you tried them before? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. It looks so nice, very retro indeed! Especially with the red lipstick xx

  2. your hair looks lovely! xxx


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