Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My New Years Resolutions

Hey Lovelies,

Firstly Happy New Year to all. Hope you all had a lovely New Years celebration and that you didn't get too drunk. I saw midnight in with my family at a concert in Birmingham. It is a tradition that has occurred for the past I'd say five years. I usually dress up rather snazzy and enjoy laughing at my brother the whole night as he falls asleep (he's 25).

So anyways, I have decided to put up my New Years Resolutions up in this post, this way I have it in writing, so I can't go back on what I have said. But also I can share with you all my progress on the different goals. I shall return to this post through the year if I achieve something and draw a line though it. Thats enough waffling I think, let's get onto the resolutions, some will be blog related some will be personal.



  1. Hit 300 GFC followers on this blog. Hit 400 GFC Followers
  2. Set up my 300 followers giveaway... I've already got the prize hanging around my room waiting.
  3. Save up and get an Ipad/Kindle Fire/any tablet.
  4. Change my phone and contract in January... Bye Bye Blackberry (you probably won't be missed that much)  bye bye blackberry... Hello Iphone
  5. Get my MAC lipstick collection up to a round number (15 or 20, sound nice numbers)
  6. Finish my course and pass it completely.
  7. Get a full time job as a Teaching Assistant.
  8. Help run a successful blogger meet up in Birmingham.
  9. Attend at least two other blogger meet ups.
  10. Go on at least one date... I'm fed up of being single!
  11. Get round to setting up a blog sale for things that I never use or don't need.
  12. Comment more on people's blogs.
  13. Try and get down to a size 14/16
  14. Continue going to my Zumba Classes and Aqua Aerobics Class.
  15. See Matilda the Musical in London.
  16. See One Man, Two Guvnors in London.
  17. Continue writing posts for this blog.. continue writing at least 3 posts a week.
  18. Meet up more with old uni friends.
  19. Give my blog a make over. Any blog designers.. please step forward.
  20. Try other exercise classes with my leisure centre membership.
  21. See at least one band live.
  22. Go to the Clothes Show 2013
  23. Do more fashion posts...any suggestions what you'd like to see leave me a comment.
  24. Try and get my blog more recognised.
  25. Try and get to work alongside a brand for a post (maybe get a sponsored post)
  26. Try not to worry/stress as much.
  27. Sort out my make up storage and write a post on it.
  28. Go one month without spending.
  29. Finally get around to watching all the Star Wars films.
  30. Try to be a happy, contented person.
There you go... 30 resolutions. Lets see if I can acheive any of these. Granted some of them are not proper resolutions, just hopes for myself.

What are your resolutions for this year? Leave me a comment below.
Till Next Time,



  1. Hi I've got your link from the #bbloggers chat on twitter.

    Wow that's a lot of resolutions :)
    I got a kindle fire for Christmas. I love it. I would recommend it as a great and cheaper alternative to an iPad.

    Here's my resolution post: http://nailthelook.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/new-years-resolutions.html

    1. My mum got a kindle fire for Christmas. Its the reason why I want some kind of tablet now. Thanks for visiting me xx

  2. great post, i haven't thought of ANY yet!


  3. Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions! :-D

    I'm your newest follower and one step closer to your 300 goal! You have a lovely blog!



    1. Thank you for the follow and for the compliment. Do you have any resolutions? xx

  4. Great post! Thx for sending your link, I was also already following, my mistake! Have a nice 2013!

    1. Thanks sweetie, Happy New Year to you too xx

  5. Loved this, it was motivational :) xx

    1. Thats my plan, to motivate me into actually doing something this year xx

  6. You have so many. I hope you can achieve them all :). Your blog definitely deserves more recognition. Good luck in 2013 ;) xx

    1. That is the cutest comment I've ever had. Thanks sweetie xx

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Pretty sure I was your 300th follower! Congratulations! :D

    Char x

    1. omg thank you so much :) xxx

  9. great resolutions clare - i have no doubts you will achieve them all! :)



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