Saturday, 12 January 2013

My favourite new snack

Hey Lovelies,

For today's lifestyle post I thought I'd talk to you about a snack that I have recently discovered. As you all know I am trying to be healthy so I am trying to make better decisions when it comes to what I eat, this means less chocolate, less crisps, less fatty foods in general.

My normal problem is that because I work/volunteer in a school I abide to their times, I tend not to have breakfast before I go in because I usually am not awake enough at that time and instead wait for breaktime, which happens at about 10.30 to eat a snack then I have lunch about 12.30. 

As it is the first thing I eat in the day, it usually is a cereal bar or something. However, I have lost interest in those and the new snack of choice is....

Not the most healthiest of snack but it is my treat every day that I have got to breaktime. Yes it has chocolate on it but its only the top that has it and the rest is biscuit. As you can see on the box, they are new so I was unsure whether anyone had spotted them in store and whether anyone had tried them. To me they taste just like a chocolate orange biscuit form (which I guess was obvious because the name).

They are 73 calories per slice and there is two slices, so you can guess that it isn't the most healthy snack but if you like me try and eat healthy and call this a treat then you can get away with it.

What is your favourite snack? Any healthy snack ideas? Leave me a comment below.
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  1. I've been trying to eat healthier this New Year as well, but it's hard to find healthy snacks that aren't boring :P I'm still allowing myself a few treats, and these look really yummy :) x

  2. Bet they taste gorgeous!

  3. Those actually look really yummy! My favorite snack is roasted chick peas (garbanzo beans)!

  4. i really want to make healthier choices this year too - i have a similar problem to you - i just don't like eating in a morning!
    these look really yummy as a snack I will look out for them next food shop :) and great for so little calories! xxx

  5. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!!! To hid it...I litterally joined crossfit and work my butt off (literally) lol to be able to eat cupcakes! I try to keep it to a minimal but my favorite lower calorie treats are--- apples with cinnamon, or fat-free chocolate pudding occasionally :) x

  6. The chocolate Special K moments bars are absolutely delicious and kick chocolate cravings


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