Monday, 7 January 2013

MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study

Hello there lovelies,

Today we're going to talk about a magic little pot of goodness. Now last year, I showed my love for the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. I still love those pots, however in the UK we never had the kind of shade I wanted. Yes, the UK gets bright colours like Purple and Blue (both of which I own) but no natural colours that I can wear in school, the closest we got was Pink Gold (America got Barely Beige... where was ours Maybelline?).

Anyways, I treated myself a while back with a MAC Paint Pot (yes I do have a MAC addiction... I blame Laura from Laurzrah!). The Shade I picked was Bare Study and this post is me showing it off a little.

It is a nude champagne coloured creamy eyeshadow. In my eyes it is perfect for work or for a day when I just want a little colour on my lid, without going crazy. Swatch wise, I have tried to be clever today. Firstly I've put it heavily on my hand to show the colour and then (and this is where I tried to be clever) I have put it on one eye and left the other eye clear, please excuse the skin though, I had no make up on, just mascara and a little concealer under the eyes.

As you look at these pictures the right eye is the one I covered in Bare Study. You might me able to see that in the open eye picture the small amount of Bare Study just helps to make the eye look a bit brighter and more awake. 

I love Bare Study with all my heart. Yes it is £14.50 (50p more than one of their lipsticks..puzzling prices) but whenever I finish this pot (and who knows when that will be because it shows no signs of dropping lower yet) I will definitely repurchase. 

Have you tried a paint pot? What did you think of them? Leave a comment below.

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  1. This looks so lovely! It looks quite similar to a Benefit creaseless cream shadow I have which I love :) x

  2. Urgh I'm with you on the color tattoos - I absolutely love them but would like a daytime colour!

    This looks lovely, it seems quite similar to Hollow Haze from Mememe cosmetics? Probably completely different! If you haven't already tried the dew pots, I'd recommend them :) I don't love them as much as the Maybelline cream eyeshadows, but they have quite a few natural shades:

    Char x

  3. This is gorgeous! Is this the one that Barely Beige is a dupe for? I really want Barely Beige Color Tattoo! Xx

  4. I love this one!! But I think the Colour Tattoo is such a cheaper alternative :)
    LaceyLoves x

  5. This looks amazing! I've got Painterly which I use every day but I've never considered Bare Study! Might have to have a swatch of it next time I'm at a MAC counter! xx

  6. I would love to get my hands on this paint looks like the perfect neutral colour for a little eye pick me up :)
    Louise xx


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